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are you

your ideas?

More than ever the world needs inspired people whose ideas can positively impact our planet and society – yet too often they are scared to communicate them with confidence. 

If you want to successfully share your gift with others – you have to be good at communicating it. 
This is where the majority fails. You too?

It’s not as scary as you think! I will help you master it. 

It’s all about Attitude

Most people are blocked when having crucial conversations. Pitching, negotiating, or selling is the worst nightmare.

But: As an entrepreneur, this skill directly determines the success of your project – and your ability to pay rent.

This is how to transform your fears into fuel.  
Let’s make sure your message gets the attention it deserves. 

& Pitching
Learn How

When it comes to selling your business, project, or yourself, it is MINDSET OVER SKILLSET. Let’s raise your game to have Confident Communication in those crucial moments of your life.


Sales is the moment of truth for your business.

All efforts invested in creating great products and services are pointless – if in the end there is no sale or deal.

You do not have to be pushy or sleazy to connect with your customers properly.

Quite on the contrary…


Negotiation is a fundamental part of any human interaction.

Whether in politics, business, or any other relationship – you are always negotiating.

Better do it wisely…


Most people rather be dead than on stage.

So they hide behind boring slide-decks and embarrassing jokes.

But, believe it or not, you too can be a confident presenter – authentic, relaxed, and inspiring…

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People Testimonials

“I attended a seminar at UBS that Johannes led. First of all, it was a lot of fun. The seminar leadership through him was absolutely professional. Johannes conveyed the content, combined with his experience and point of view, very authentically. The cooperation with him and our group was excellent. The seminar was really enriching!”
Michael Kleber

Director, PFA Wealth Management , UBS

“…He is one of the most highly ambitious results oriented colleagues i’ve got to meet. He is a highly skilled negotiatior and being a top performer in the company. He will go the extra mile to get the next big deal…”
Murat Ünal

Desire Media Entertainment


My solid experience in professional acting, B2B Sales, and entrepreneurship combined with Systemic Management Consulting and Applied Psychology is the unique foundation of my methods.

As Communication Coach and Trauma Therapist, I empower my clients on a mental, emotional, and energetic level – to transform limiting fears into fuel for success.

Like it or not:

We are all in Sales!

Your are always Negotiating!

And most of the time – Life’s a Pitch!

It is our mission to empower people and businesses with powerful ideas to communicate with confidence.

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